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The Anti-Androgens Health Functions

Androgen is a special hormone which helps in improving sexual characteristics to people. Androgen levels are high in men compared to women. Some health issues can develop if a person has high androgen level. Therefore, anti-androgens treatment is in use. Excess androgen is blocked with anti-androgens which helps in preventing the health complications it would have caused. Anti-androgens are used for different health issues and you should read more now from this page to find out more about it.

Anti-androgens can be used to treat prostate cancer. Anti-androgens has been used to treat prostate cancer and even prevent its progression. The cancer is maintained through preventing the cancer cells from multiplying as they do it rapidly. Again, it is used in reduction of cancer cells tumors. More info can be found from this site about how cancerous tumors from patients have been reduced through use of anti-androgens.

Polycystic ovary syndrome is found on women with abnormal male hormones. This prolongs conceiving duration because of the irregular ovulation. The ovulation will be regular if at all the anti-androgens is used because it balances these hormones. Therefore, chances of pregnancy are increased. You can find more info about the polycystic ovary syndrome and how to improve it by clicking this link.

High blood pressure can be managed through use of anti-androgens. High blood pressure is connected with androgen hormone. Hence, when you use the anti-androgens, then your blood pressure will be managed. You should find more info from this website about how to manage the high blood pressure.

Currently, cases of transgender are in the open and these people can choose who they want to be. If you are a woman and your body is developing the male characteristics, then it means that the body behaves like you are a man because of high androgen levels. The male characteristics developing in your body will be suppressed by using anti-androgens which reduces the levels of the androgens. Click here to find more info on ow anti-androgens has been used to suppress the male characteristics.

Anti-androgens are used when it comes to hormonal ace treatment. When there is high levels of androgens in your body, then the sebum excretion can happen which develops to hormonal acne. Hormonal acne is treated by anti-androgens because it helps in reduction of androgen levels. Click here for more info.

Treatment of hair loss can be done through use of anti-androgens. Some cases of alopecia like androgenetic alopecia is due to androgens. When you administer the anti-androgens, then it facilitates string hair growth, as well as improved density to prevent hair loss. Click here to get more info about hair loss treatment with anti-androgens.